Avoid Household Floods from Your Water Heater

Do you know the best ways to maintain your water heater? Below are a few pointers that you can use for self-maintenance of your water heater to help prevent household floods in San Diego..

  • It is important to frequently check pipe connections, water lines, and temperature / pressure valves for leaks and correct function.
  • In case your water heater does not have a temp/press valve, check into installing one. It is an inexpensive attachment that can save you thousands of dollars ultimately.
  • Periodically drain a bucket of water directly from the drain faucet. This does the job to get rid of the sediment coming from your water tank that could very well wear away the unit.
  • Paint the area below your water heater with a water sealant to protect the floor surfaces from any possible water leak or damage.

household floods san diego caWhat are a few possible sources of water heater damage I need to watch out for?

  • Nicks (deep and large dents) in your water heater.
  • Bent legs can result in potential collapse.
  • Missing element connectivity plates. These should be reinstalled immediately to prevent malfunction.

What are the primary causes of water heater damage?

  • Sediment accumulation: sediment builds up at the bottom of the water heater, resulting in the bottom to get too hot and melt the safety glass lining that shields from damage.
  • Destructive fumes: any acids close to the water heater (such as Clorox or Ammonia) blend into the indoor air that the system heats, thus generating corrosion.
  • High water pressure: is the most dangerous, yet most uncommon cause of water heater damage. Anything over 80 psi of pressure can damage your unit and cause an explosion. The most effective thing to do in this particular circumstance is to lower the pressure valve.

We suggest that you take the time to examine and perform maintenance on your water heater frequently to prevent household floods or significant damage and repair service costs.  In the case in which you experience or suspect water heater breakdown, which causes water damage, call us so our company can send one of our expert water damage specialists to evaluate the situation. Our specialists will answer any and all of your questions and ensure that you and your home is safe when they exit.