Restoration Company San Diego – Experience the Gold Coast Difference

A tagline or mission statement is just that – a concise, eye-catching summary of the self-worth of a restoration company. For that, I cannot condemn the necessary purpose of such exclamations.

What I can do, for the customer who truly wants the best, is to go above and beyond the catch-phrase and delve into the “How’s” and “Why’s” of what makes Gold Coast Flood Restorations the best in handling water damage in San Diego- The Gold Coast Difference.

You Deserve Excellence in Customer Service from a Restoration Company

As far as being a  San Diego flood restoration company, Gold Coast is somewhere in the middle when it comes to size of operation. Being in this niche gives us a distinct advantage, as long as we can fight the mantras of our competitors that we are so often associated with. Many people assume that companies who do what we do are either your large, national franchise chains, or your tiny one-man operations. Finding ourselves somewhere in the middle is exactly where we want to be.

water damage restoration company San Diego CAGold Coast operates out of a single location but reaches the entire county of San Diego, and sometimes beyond. We have box trucks which are equipped with state of the art extraction pumping capabilities and oversized waste tanks, which are unmatched in San Diego. While we cannot promise to be to your house in 15 minutes or less like the one-man operations who dispatch directly from their personal residence in a pickup truck, we do promise to respond to your emergency promptly, with the ability to handle any situation upon arrival.

And while we may not have the quantity of extra “expendable” laborers on standby like the big-box franchise hired by your insurance company, we do have seasoned and experienced technicians who have been a part of the Gold Coast family for many years – guys who take pride in their work because they know that our business does not rely on insurance-contracted “assignments”.

When you call Gold Coast, you get a live person – every time, 24/7/365. If we receive 4 calls at once after hours (it happens), you may get a voice mail, but a technician will be calling you right back within a few mere minutes. We do not use a call service or dispatch center, and whoever answers the phone is capable of helping you with just about any request or service need.

Example: Our office just recently received a call from a customer who had used our services the prior year, but began to re-introduce herself, not sure if we remembered her. Our staff immediately recognized her and remembered her name, location, and the details of our last 2 jobs performed for her. She was pleasantly shocked, and was even happier when we came out promptly and took care of another small water damage problem for her with a customer loyalty discount included. Service matters!

Quality of Work

Water damage restoration and mold remediation is much more than simply pulling drywall and setting a fan. Psychrometrics is defined as the study of the physical and thermal properties of air and water vapor mixtures. 2013 will be Gold Coast’s 25th anniversary, and with those 25 years in business comes a vast collective experience in this field of work. Countless times our technicians are discovering damages or circumstances missed by previous competitor inspections. Family owned and operated means that we treat our employees well, and in turn, do not experience the high worker turnover rate that other companies do. That translates directly to a more consistent product – which is the key to quality control.

How specifically do our work practices separate us from others? All of our guys treat each water damage restoration project as if it were his own home. That means that we are pulling nails from studs, cutting drywall in a way that makes it easier to install new drywall (leaving tie-in’s), snapping chalk lines for perfectly straight cuts, and generally taking extra measures to leave a job site as clean as possible – even if we are not performing the reconstruction.

Example: I once had an adjuster from a major national insurance carrier call me specifically to say that he and his supervisor looked over our completion photos from a major kitchen mold remediation and concluded that it was the cleanest mold job they had ever seen. What makes this specific accolade even more impressive is that this same adjuster had earlier tried to convince the homeowner to use his carrier’s big-box “preferred” vendor over us. In the beginning, he was trying to get us fired, and in the end, he couldn’t say enough good things about us. Our work speaks for itself!

The Standard of Excellence

In this day and age, service companies should be even more vigilant in regards to ensuring customer satisfaction, when any and every misstep could mean a scathing review online. Be wary of companies who excel more in puffery than they do actual services – companies who have poor online reviews, or even no reviews. Many large franchise operations don’t care about their online reputation since they receive so much work directly from the insurance companies, and do not rely on consumer marketing efforts.

While we here at Gold Coast take our customer reviews extremely seriously, our work ethics go deeper than the internet. As our incorporated name – Integrity Flood Response – suggests, our Christian ownership instills a sense of integrity, values, and work ethics that trickle down to our very last employee. As a result, the customer receives an honest evaluation of their situation. If you don’t have a problem, we’re not going to fabricate one so we can make a dime! Our restoration company motto is: Providing Service Where Honesty and Integrity are NOT Forgotten.

Being a small business means that every single action we perform has a consequence – and the higher the quality of our service, the better the outcome for everyone. Example: Just last week our technicians inspected a property that had suffered minor water damage to a water heater stand from the tank leaking. The loss had actually occurred several days prior, and the homeowner had cut a large ventilation hole in the platform and inserted a household fan.

Fortunately for him, his efforts worked and we did not detect any remaining moisture after conducting a very thorough inspection. To our surprise, he then showed us an estimate given to him just prior to us arriving by a rather large franchised disaster restoration company. The estimate was $2,000! Pretty shocking when our estimate was….$0. Even if we had inspected prior to him performing the work, our estimate likely would have been half of our competitors. Gold Coast – Where honesty and integrity are not forgotten!

So while others may claim to be the best, we here at Gold Coast can prove that we are the best. Our operation is large enough to handle disasters on any scale – we have successfully executed water damage restorations for Qualcomm, Sea World, the US Navy, City of San Diego, San Diego School District and property management firms including CBRE, Grubb & Ellis, N.N. Jaeschke, and Cassidy Turley.

Gold Coast is the preferred water damage and mold remediation vendor for Padre Dams and Vista Irrigation District. In the summer of 2012 Gold Coast was featured on NBC 7 San Diego after responding to a large commercial fire where approximately 6,000 gallons of water from the sprinkler system completely flooded all 3 floors of the building. Our crews worked around the clock and through the 4th of July holiday to completely dry out the building start to finish in 7 days. All this after a representative sent from the insurance’s mega-company mockingly asked if we could “handle it”.

On the other hand, no job is too small for us either, and we are still a small business who relies heavily on our reputation in order to gain new customers. We work with every major insurance carrier on a weekly basis and are equipped to provide your adjuster with the proper data and paperwork that they like to see, yet we are not on any insurance company’s payroll.

The Gold Coast Difference goes much deeper than our simple slogan, and we have the facts and stories to back it up. Others may stake claim, but the truth speaks for itself – Gold Coast is the best!