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Flood Restoration, Mold Remediation & More
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Water Damage Restoration

We provide 24-hour emergency restoration services for property owners dealing with water damage in San Diego, CA and surrounding areas. We will work quickly to get your home and your family’s live back to normal.

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Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is the process of removing and cleaning up mold growth in a building. It’s important to address mold issues promptly to prevent health risks and structural damage. A professional mold remediation service can effectively remove mold and prevent future growth.

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Flood Restoration

The fear of external flooding from a natural event and its potential harm can leave property owners feeling powerless. Timely action is crucial to mitigate damage and restore the safety of your home or business. Don’t wait, act fast to secure your property in the event of a flood.

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Mold Removal

For successful mold removal, it’s important to choose a reliable service. With significant consequences at stake, it’s crucial to act fast when dealing with a severe mold issue. Contact us immediately to schedule your mold cleaning appointment.

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Water Removal

In case of property flooding, the cause is irrelevant. Prompt action is essential. Trust our professional technicians to efficiently clean up and dry the affected area. Don’t hesitate, leave the water extraction to us. Our team provides top-notch services for both homeowners and businesses.

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Sewage Backups

Sewage Backups can cause severe health threats and require a restoration company that understands the special processes need to clean this damage correctly and safely.

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What to Do if You Have Water Damage
  • Stop the flow of water.
  • If safe to do so, shut off the electricity.
  • Minimize damage.
  • Call Gold Coast Flood Restorations (858) 495-9133
  • Move possessions to dry ground.
  • Document damage.
  • Call your insurance company.
What to Do if You have Mold
  • Have your home tested by a trained mold tester.
  • Identify the cause of the mold and get it fixed.
  • Call Gold Coast Flood Restorations (858) 495-9133
  • Document the mold damage.
  • Call your insurance company.
  • Have the mold removed.
  • After mold has been removed TEST AGAIN!


At Gold Coast Flood Restorations we take our customer reviews very seriously. Our incorporated name – Integrity Flood Response – suggests, our Christian ownership instills a sense of integrity, values, and work ethics that trickle down to our very last employee. As a result, the customer receives an honest evaluation of their situation. If you don’t have a problem, we’re not going to fabricate one so we can make a dime!

Flood Damage Cleanup San Diego CA

You can be assured that any mold or water damage issues will be looked after with the least amount of interruption we can do. No matter what the source of the water damage, from a condensation flood, water heater tank rupture, leaking roof, backed up sewer or broken pipe, Gold Coast Flood Restorations is here to do the job right and get your household back to normal as quickly as possible.

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