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There is no doubt about it, water damage is horrendous and causes a headache not only on the day of the event but also for weeks after. However, all you can do is take it step-by-step and follow the correct procedure. To get started, you will need to do the following;

  • Shut off the main valve to stop the water supply into the property
  • Call our friendly, expert water damage restoration service; we are always available to help you during your time of need
  • Close off all other utilities including electricity and gas
  • Remove as much excess water as possible by using towels and mops
  • Move any belongings and furniture to high ground or anywhere far away from the water
  • Remove excess water from any pieces of furniture
  • Remove all rugs and mats in the area
  • If the floor or carpets are wet, do not attempt to use electrical items


water damage restoration serviceWhen water comes in, there is no place it will not discover which can be a nightmare for electrical purposes and trying to clean everything up. As well as the floor, water will ruin walls and even cause damage to the structure of a building. Of course, the water has more chance to do damage the longer it sits there so it is always best to take action as soon as possible. Over time, mold will grow which can cause you trouble months after you think everything has been solved.

Thanks to superb training and years of experience, our water damage restoration service professionals know what should be done as well as what needs to be avoided when performing flood damage clean up. With us, we can ensure that you are in the best possible position once everything has been cleaned whilst avoiding some common mistakes. Whether it is a sewer backup, storm damage, dripping pipelines, toilet overflow, condensation leaks, washing machine malfunction, dishwater issues, or anything else, make sure we are your first port of call and we will have you back up and running as soon as possible.

Without seeking help, many people don’t realize that mold is a common side effect of flooding and this leads to health issues and structural damage further down the line. Thanks to flood cleanup and water restoration training, we can normally have your home dry in two or three days whilst remaining vigilant for any signs of mold. If there are any issues, we will catalog the problems we spot and recommend the next course of action. Although many people think it is easy to spot mold, it can be hidden under wallpaper, on ceiling tiles, under carpets, inside duct work, and absolutely anywhere so a expert water damage restoration service is the only way you can be sure that you are completely free from this problem.


Why Choose Us?  

  • Experienced, punctual service
  • Available 24/7
  • Great score with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Fantastic emergency response times
  • Insurance help
  • Specialists in the field of water cleanup and mold remediation


water damage restoration san diego CAOver the years, we have had many happy customer and would love to add you to the list. Although we aren’t hoping for a flood in your home or business, you should trust us to be there for you during this stressful time because we know how you feel and we know the type of service you need.

Whenever you face water damage, our expert team will get you back onto your feet as soon as possible regardless of how the damage is caused. After getting your home or business back up and running, we will give you advice on how to prevent the problem from ever happening in the future too.


Removing Water

If your home or business gets flooded, we will first try to remove as much excess water as possible. Although some people choose to use fans, this doesn’t actually provide much help as it cannot get to the hidden water behind the walls and under the floor. Both carpets and wooden materials are known for trapping water and, if left untreated, will cause awful damage in the long-term. Rather than just water, you could soon be dealing with mold too.

For this reason, a professional is always advised as they will know exactly how to help in the most efficient manner. As well as expert knowledge, they will also have the equipment that will allow for the most efficient cleanup. After a professional completes the job, you can be safe in the knowledge that all hidden water has been removed and the building is safe to restart once more. Also, you can be sure that it has been checked for mold and other viruses.

As well as the walls and floors themselves, the furniture and other objects will hold moisture which hides leaks and will be prone to warping in the future in addition to growing mold. When a fully-trained expert comes in, they will assess absolutely everything within a building to complete the most effective job possible. Both our customers and ourselves believe that we are the best option in the area because we have all the skills listed above, and more. Not only will we meet your demands, we will go above and beyond to ensure that you won’t need our service again.


Our Promise

 Ultimately, one of the things that makes us different to all of the competitors on the market is our passion. Rather than just sticking a fan in the corner and hoping for the best, we complete a professional and efficient job. Also, we take a keen interest in psychometrics – this allows us to utilize knowledge of the thermal and physical properties of water vapor and air.


When to Call a Water Damage Restoration Service?

Water Damage San Diego CAWhen facing water damage either in your business or at home, there is a tricky balance to master between cleaning up yourself and calling in a professional company. Of course, there will be certain scenarios that can be handled by a simple mop and bucket but how much is too much? When should you look to call the professionals?

In truth, most small water leakages such as an overflow problem with the toilet can be cleaned up with a mop without causing significant damage to the building or health. Again, a small leak from your kitchen sink would be another example of something that could be handled easily enough.

However, you should always contact a professional service if you didn’t notice the problem quickly enough and now the flood has spread to more rooms or sewage has reached a bedroom. When this happens, there will be sewage water on the padding as well as the carpet. When water reaches the padding, it leads to a build up of moisture and can cause problems. For this reason, you will be in the best hands after calling a professional service.


Can Water Damage Harm My Health?

Ultimately, this very much depends on the type of water that you are experiencing. Whilst white water contains little harmful contaminants, grey water can contain cleaning chemicals, skin particles, soaps, hair, and even oil. Generally, grey water will contain anything that makes its way down the drainpipes. Whilst this will be more damaging than white water, it does not compare to black water which can hold sewage water and harmful bacteria. Because they contain pathogens, they can and will cause diseases within humans.

On the most part, white and grey water can be cleared with a mop and some paper towels. Whenever you see black water at home or in your business, you will need to call a team of experts to come and help. After calling, you can sit back and let the professionals complete the job.