Water Damage Repair Services – Gold Coast Flood Restorations


Whether due to natural disaster like a flood or storm or to a structural or mechanical failure such as a leaky roof a busted washing machine hose in your house, water damage can be severe and it can interrupt the daily flow of your entire life. Water damage repair services help stop the damage, repair what is damaged and help you get your life back to normal.

Water Damage Repair Services San Diego CASo exactly what does water damage do? It exceeds the obvious. The obvious would be that leather items would diminish, wood would warp, drywall would weaken and carpets might begin to smell or have to be appropriately dried. However it exceeds that, which is why so many home and business owners hire specialists at Gold Coast Flood Restoration to handle all of the other water abatement and structural drying problems.

When you employ a water damage and mold removal specialist, there are many things that their equipment can do when it comes to water damage repair work that the average citizen would not know to do. First off, our water damage repair services will dry out the carpets. They have large, commercial fans that will dry them out rapidly and efficiently to salvage what you can and prevent mold growth. Wet vacuums and pumps are used to dry all surfaces and remove water quickly for optimal water damage restoration.

Second, all carpet and padding are pulled up and restored whenever possible. This is done to prevent mold from developing and to identify whether carpets remain in good enough condition or if they have must be replaced. It is also done to salvage and protect the floors underneath.

Our technicians assess everything when performing water damage repair services. They effectively assess crucial documents, works of art, furnishings, drapes, computers, appliances, and even all your personal belongings back to pre-water damage condition wherever possible.

Our flood restoration crew cleans and dehumidifies the area. They disinfect all effected locations to kill mold, mildew, and bacteria and otherwise keep you safe and healthy long after services are completed. The main purpose of water damage restoration is to help you to get back to normal, minimizing disruption and putting everything back in order for you.

For Significant Water Damage, Check Your Homeowner’s Insurance

If you have substantial water damage, check your homeowners insurance to see what kind of water damages are covered. Unexpected events like a ruptured pipe, a washing machine hose failure or a tree falling on your roof during a storm are most likely to be covered than a slow leak.
You are not required to use the contractors that your insurance company chooses for you.  Our company is very experienced in working with insurance companies on the side of the homeowner and can help you get the most out of your insurance claim.

At Gold Coast Flood Restorations, we provide the highest quality commercial and home water damage repair services with a crew of qualified and top notch specialists. We pride ourselves on quality, and we offer you with all the very best innovations and the most seasoned personnel. Please call us for more information.