How Mold Remediation Specialists Find and Remove Mold

How Our Specialists Remove Mold

If you suspect that you have a mold problem, you should get your property inspected and tested by a mold remediation specialist for what may be hazardous mold or to remove mold.

Here is what you can expect to remove mold:

remove mold San Diego CAUpon arriving at the property, the mold remediation specialist will start by taking the outside air samples in order to learn about the conditions of your area. The area might have generally conducive conditions to mold growth. Air temperature, humidity, and moisture might be recorded. Such measurements might be repeated in different areas both inside the building and outside of the building.

Visual inspection of all the accessible parts of the building will be performed by the mold remediation professional. The professional will start from the ground level and will inspect the perimeter of the building. He will investigate the features which connect to or penetrate the building. These include windows, exterior doors, porches, stoops, decks, steps, and stairs.

We Check Everywhere to Remove Mold

Depending on the types of problems which prompted you to call for a professional mold inspection and testing, the mold remediation specialist can also inspect the roof,  the gutter system on the roof, chimneys, downspouts, plumbing vents, skylights and other structures built into the roof.

On the inside of the building, a mold specialist is going to check the crawl spaces, plumbing, and ventilation systems for any visible signs of mold. In addition to the measurements of air quality, the mold specialist might use tape, swabs, and snipped carpet samples in order to detect and track down mold in the building. The machines which measure the rate of airflow, temperature, and humidity may help in finding the places where mold might be hiding. There are some machines that collect the spores for lab analysis in order to determine how hazardous or how toxic is the mold and to remove mold.

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Report Findings and Take Steps to Remove Mold

Once the analysis to remove mold is complete, the mold remediation specialist is going to report the evidence of:

  • Water damage
  • Moisture intrusion
  • Apparent growth of mold
  • Conditions conducive to the mold growth

You will also get results of the laboratory analysis of the mold samples taken from the building. The mold remediation specialist, by using the tools mentioned above will identify source of mold problem. He will also determine how widespread and extensive the growth of mold is. Mold specialist with the information gathered, will craft a plan to remove mold and do tests to make sure that the plan was successful.

Does Mold Remediation Really Work?

Yes, mold remediation can effectively remove and prevent mold growth in homes or workplaces. Mold remediation is a process that involves identifying, containing, removing, and preventing mold growth from reoccurring. The process can vary depending on the extent and type of mold, but it typically involves the following steps:

  1. Identifying the source of mold: A professional mold remediation company will first identify the source of mold growth, which can be caused by factors such as humidity, water leaks, or poor ventilation.
  2. Containing the mold: The affected area is contained using physical barriers and negative air pressure to prevent the mold from spreading to other areas.
  3. Removing the mold: The mold is physically removed using specialized tools and equipment, and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned to remove mold spores.
  4. Preventing mold growth: The underlying cause of mold growth is addressed to prevent it from recurring. This can include fixing any water leaks, increasing ventilation, or reducing humidity levels.

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In Conclusion

Mold remediation can be an effective solution for removing mold and preventing its re-growth. However, it is important to work with a certified and experienced mold remediation company to ensure that the process is done safely and effectively. The company should also conduct post-remediation testing to confirm that the mold has been effectively removed and the air quality is safe. If you suspect mold growth in your home or workplace, it is recommended to contact a professional mold remediation company to address the problem.

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