Water Damage Restoration Contractors | The Choice Is Yours on Who You Hire

water damage restoration contractors San Diego CAYou Decide Who You Hire For Water Damage Restoration Contractors – Not Your Insurance Company

Did you know that it is state law in California for homeowner’s to be allowed to hire water damage restoration contractors of their choosing when having repair work performed through an insurance claim after a disaster? Most properties are susceptible to all types of water damage issues beyond flooding, such as leaking faucets or water slowing seeping in from outside the house. Many homeowner’s are duped by their insurance adjuster into believing that their San Diego water damage claim will not be covered if they do not use a flood damage company from the insurance carrier’s “preferred list”.

These vendors are recommended by insurance adjusters because they are a part of a program where the cost to the insurance carrier is discounted in return for the volume of work given to the vendor. In some cases you may end up with a contractor who meets your expectations. Much of the time, however, customer service and quality of work deteriorate when the water damage restoration contractors essentially works for the insurance corporation, and not the homeowner. When the homeowner hires a private water damage restoration contractor of his or her choosing (based on referrals and research), the customer experience improves notably since the private contractor relies on reputation and customer satisfaction in order to maintain and grow their business – as opposed to simply receiving work from the insurance companies. So keep in mind should you find yourself in the unfortunate scenario of being victim of a flood or mold damage – a little online research to find that perfect water damage restoration contractor can go a long way toward a smooth recovery. Regardless of what kind of water damage you may have in your household or business, Gold Coast provides the tools and the right restoration specialists required to get your problem taken care of. After performing extensive research and utilizing our extensive experience in the restoration field, we understand that many property owners have a tendency to confuse the term “water damage” with “flood damage”, which leads to the belief that a flooded house is the one and only thing that may result from water-related damage or problems. The choice is yours – not your insurance company’s!