Understanding and Preventing Mold Damage

What are molds? – Ways of preventing mold damage

Molds are the fungi which are found both outdoors as well as indoors. The exact number of the species of fungi is not known but the estimates are that there are somewhere between tens of thousands to 3 hundred thousand or even more. The molds best grow in the humid, warm and damp conditions. It spreads and reproduces by making the spores. The spores of mold can survive the harsh conditions of environment like dry conditions, but normal growth of mold is not supported in such conditions. So best way of preventing mold damage is to reduce moisture.
In case mold is a problem in one’s business or home, it must be cleaned up and the source of the moisture should be eliminated. In case you are already facing the mold problem – you should act quickly. Whatever mold grows on, it damages it. Longer the mold grows, the more will be the damaged caused by it.

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mold in ceiling

Preventing mold damage is accomplished by reducing the exposure to moisture

In case mold grows and spreads in one’s home or any commercial building, the result can be wide spread physical damage – to both structure itself as well as the contents and fixtures of the building. The best way of preventing mold damage is by reducing the structure’s exposure to moisture.

Structural components and building materials

Serious and widespread structural damage may be caused by mold to buildings. This is because mold feeds on the organic matter and it breaks this organic matter down. Therefore, when walls, paper backing, carpeting or insulation are infested by mold, materials should be removed. Great inconvenience and expenses are caused by mold removal and cleaning but often its necessary.

Personal Property

Mold, in addition to causing the structural damage, may also destroy the property within home. When the mold attaches to any personal property, it might be quite difficult or even impossible to get rid of it. Often the item has to be destroyed as the spores cannot be removed fully.

Ventilation and Heating  Systems – Preventing Mold Damage

Mold might also enter the ventilation and heating systems. Many parts of system might not be accessible for the cleaning or the visible inspection; therefore one might need the professional assistance. Thoroughly cleaning the ventilation and heating systems is very important, as the spores might use these systems as the gateways to the other areas of home or the commercial building. In case the system cannot be cleaned, or in case the moisture problem cannot be corrected, there might be a need to remove the whole system and to replace it, often at huge expense.
The bottom line is that, the ideal way of preventing mold damage is by dealing with the root cause – which is almost always some water intrusion problem. If you look for the warning signs and you correct the moisture problem, quickly after it happens, you might avoid the substantial costs that are involved in cleaning a commercial building or your home which has been infested with mold. If you have a substantial mold problem, don’t wait, call a mold remediation company that help in preventing mold damage.

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