Unseen Water Damage – Lookout for These Signs

Unseen Water Damage San Diego CA

Unseen water damage is the most important thing that a person does not want to happen in their home because a little hole or crack can do huge damage over time. It can not only damage the furniture, structure of a home, and other things but is also dangerous to human health.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of initial indications of unwanted water. The inconvenience is, however, that these signs are regularly so unpretentious you may commit the error of not giving careful consideration until something serious happens. Here are the signs to pay special mind to so you can deal with a rooftop or pipes repair before any damage.

Where to Find Hidden Water Damage


The first indication of hidden water damage is rankling, bubbling, and flaking paint. (including wallpapers that are loose and peeling) If you are looking for another home, be careful with the newly painted certain areas, for example, roofs or single dividers. Instead of only rearranging, the dealer could well attempt to hide the indications of hidden water damage.

The kitchen or bathroom sink

You may need to repair the area of the kitchen or sink where you see a loose fixture or faucet base or a falling caulk.

Particularly check out the most giant leakage area under the sink, which is joined with an overlaid or detached counter that is confining from the base or baffling dampness found in the under-sink bureau or vanity.

Unseen Water Damage - San Diego CA


In any case, when you see wood floorboards that are locking and staying in over their neighbors or have moved, this may be problematic despite the fact of how trendy and stylish this hardwood and engineered wood look. The same case with the tile floors, in case you find them loose or remain puzzlingly damp for a considerable length of time after anybody’s utilized the tub, that means there is a leakage.

Doors and windows

Another indication is harder Entryways and windows which are steadily and increasingly hard to open and close. In particular, if you find swollen wooden edges or frames it means there is unseen water damage and leakage or absorption of water.

Walls and ceilings

Dividers and roofs may likewise give the idea of water leakage. If you find drywall with stains (which are normally yellow or dark-colored) or swollen edges and creases. Wooden divider trim -, for example, baseboards, crown moldings, or the like – that has begun to disintegrate is also unseen water damage.


There is another possibility for the cracks, other than water leakage. Cracks in the foundation could be because of changes in the northern climate and freeze cycles.

Your Nose

If you smell mildew or musty kind, trust your nose because it isn’t unavoidable if the house is old, look at where it is originating from. Even before any smell whatsoever shows up, your nose may sniff out the nearness of water damage and respond by tingling, dribbling, and sniffling.

Furthermore, that is not by any means the only smell to look out for. Unseen Water damage may once in a while result in a harsh scent reminiscent of wet diapers.

Your Ears

You may hear the sound of dripping or dropping even when the washrooms and bathtubs are not in use. Look thoroughly, it may be because of water leakage.

Your wallet

If you are paying a huge amount of water bills each month despite normal usage, it is surely an indication of losing water and unseen water damageHidden Water Damage San Diego CA - Gold Coast Flood Restorations, look out for it.

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