Mold Problem – How to Tell if You Have One

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When you first discover that there is mold in your home, there are a number of feelings that arise. For example, you could feel disgusted at how it reached this point or even frustrated because it shouldn’t have gotten that far. However, we should never beat ourselves up over mold because it has the potential to find its way into the cleanest of homes. If you are reading this as a preventative measure, we have some symptoms so you can fix mold problem before it becomes a major problem.

Mold Symptoms – As long as you spot these early enough, you can prevent mold from becoming a serious mold problem to the point where you think of selling as an immediate reaction;

Appearance – In the bathroom, telling soap scum and mold apart is actually a simple task but the story is a little different in the basement. Since mold thrives in damp areas, this should be your first area of concern. If there are damp areas in the basement or cellar, investigate further and look for the next symptom.

Strange Smells – Initially, you should be able to distinguish mold from anything else as it has a potent smell. If located in the corner of a room, you may start to notice the smell getting worse or just every time you reach that part of the room. Normally, we do a surface check but this might not be enough as mold problem can be found behind wallpaper. If you suspect a serious problem, it might be time to contact a professional before it takes over the house.

Health Impact – Sadly, mold isn’t always easy to spot because it doesn’t always make itself clear. However, it can cause health problems such as tiredness and a watering of the eyes. In fact, some people even notice the difference in their health and energy levels when they go to work or even just leave the house to go shopping. When they return, the health problems start again so this could be a sign.

Do I Have a Problem? – If you only suspect a problem at this point in time, it is time to do a little investigating to look for damp corners or moist spots. If you find nothing and continue to suspect, it is better to be safe than sorry so a professional can be contacted. Although you will undoubtedly feel uncomfortable living with mold in the home, you should know that a small amount will not cause any harm. If you happen to have allergies and the mold is affecting your breathing (which is a possibility), you might want to stay away from the home for some time whilst the problem is fixed.

Summary – Sometimes, problems in life go away after ignoring them for a little while. Unfortunately, Mold Problem is not an example of this because it will see your ignorance as an invitation to spread. If you want to lose the mold problem as soon as possible, you will need to have it removed – this will also protect the structure of the building. Ultimately, you have to remember that mold problem is a hazard to health so keep a look out for symptoms and report them if you have sufficient evidence.

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