Can I turn off your drying equipment overnight?

Q. Your drying equipment is loud and obnoxious and I can’t sleep. Can I turn it off overnight?


San Diego water damage drying equipmentA. Short answer: NO! We completely understand the inconvenience that a flood brings. In fact, most of our employees have all lived through a flood in their own homes at some point. However, prematurely shutting the drying equipment down interrupts the drying process and will lead to a longer dryout process. What should be a 3-day dryout may end up taking 5 days or longer if the equipment is not allowed to run undisturbed. Even if walls and materials may feel dry to the touch, only the specialized moisture meters that our technicians carry can accurately measure the moisture content of drywall and other materials. It is important to achieve a rapid dry down of elevated moisture levels to prevent secondary mold damage.

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