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When searching for water damage restoration near me you want a fast response.  Water damage doesn’t wait and the quicker you respond to the water intrusion the less damage you are going to have.  At Gold Coast Flood Restorations our crews are standing by to serve all of San Diego County with fast, 24/7 emergency response.

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Find Water Damage Restoration Service Near You 24/7 with Gold Coast Flood Restorations

We are here to help when you need it most and provide 24 hour emergency service for water damage and sewage backups.  Call us at (858) 495-9133.

Water Removal

Water removal is readily available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when you’ve had a flood or water damage emergency. Our restoration services are just a phone call away. We have teams that are ready to help with all of your flooding and sewage needs at any time. Our prompt, friendly service crews have many years of experience to offer and these professionals are dedicated to delivering a safer, drier and more odor-free environment that guarantees you will be back in your home within a very short time. If you need water removal, call us now for speedy service.

We perform water extraction at any time of day
Call us at 858-495-9133

Faulty water heaters, plugged AC condensation lines, burst pipes, washing machine hose failures or common flooding may all have a significant effect on your home or surrounding property. Our uniquely trained water damage emergency teams are familiar with all of your water extraction requirements and are equipped with the very latest industry equipment to make your clean-up procedures a total success.

What to do if you have water damage:

  1. Cease the Flow of Water – If water is coming from inside your home, from a burst pipe or water heater malfunction, turn off the main water valve immediately. It’s a good idea to make certain everyone in your home knows where the shutoff valve is located.
  2. Turn Off the Utilities –  In a severe water damage event, shutting off the power or natural gas might be necessary to ensure the safety of you and your family. In the event of a small water leak or drip, there most likely isn’t a need to shut off the utilities.
  3.  Practice Extreme Electrical Safety – Do not make use of any electrical appliances if your carpeting or flooring is wet. Use a wet vacuum to remove water, but check the manufacturer’s instructions prior to beginning.
  4. Call Gold Coast Flood Restorations – Don’t delay calling for San Diego’s most trusted water damage restoration company.  The faster you move on a flood the lesser the damage.
  5. Call Your Insurance Company – Report your water damage to your insurance provider.
  6. Move Belongings to a Dry Area – Move damp belongings and furniture to a dry location. Put furniture on blocks or slide a square of aluminum foil beneath furniture legs to avoid the wood stain from bleeding carpets.
  7. Remove Water Promptly – Swift and safe action on your part can prevent further water damage, help you save more of your belongings and minimize the time and expense of repairs. Clean up as much water as feasible by mopping or absorbing with towels.
  8. Circulate Air to Help Drying Out Process – Promote drying by strategically placing fans to efficiently circulate air. This is particularly important in the initial 24-48 hours after an indoor flood.
  9. Open Drawers and Towel Dry Furniture – Open up all drawers and cabinet doors for faster drying. Spread out books to speed drying and prevent more damage.
  10. Wash Clothing – Clean your garments, bed linens and other washables that have been drenched as quickly as possible.

Find water damage restoration specialists near me at Gold Coast Flood Restorations.