Structural Drying After Air Conditioner Water Damage

Air Conditioner Water Damage and Applied Structural Drying

San Diego water damage services can easily help you out of damage caused by the leaking water of an air conditioner. Water in its kindest form gives life, but also it can cause intense damage to your home in form of leakages, broken water beds, floods, and other water leaks. In the summer months, when the usage of your air conditioner is at its peak, the risk of air conditioner leakage also rises.

When the air conditioners are running for whole long days, the leaked water may accumulate in the basement or the floor and can eventually be absorbed by the furniture and other upholstery causing mold growth and huge damage.

Generally, the water from the air conditioner drips in a drip pan which is drained into a place outside the house. However, over usage of the air conditioner may cause malfunctioning, and as a result, the air conditioner might leak inside the house making the walls, carpet, and floor wet. A small but continuous water drip may cause serious water damage, and it can even cause mold growth.

In such a situation of a water leak from your air conditioner and the resulting mold growth, to avoid the cumulative effects of water, quick and professional action should be taken to safeguard your home with San Diego water damage services. If the air conditioner leak water is allowed to remain for a period of time as short as 24 hours, mold growth can be detected by the musky foul odor. The mold growth due to the water leak in an air conditioner causes damage to your walls, carpets, flooring, or tiles, if not attended to professionally and immediately. Therefore, it’s wise to call a mold remediation company quickly.

A qualified and well-trained mold removal remediation company using applied structural drying can perform immediate water extraction, and dehumidification of the affected area and applied structural drying. Damage caused by an air conditioner water leak can easily be restored by applying structural drying services that are available to save the hundreds and thousands of dollars expenditure that you may incur in repairing and making your house mold-free.

The skilled and qualified mold removal remediation professionals from a qualified San Diego water damage service may take immediate action to end any further spread of mold with the use of air filtration devices. Disinfecting and cleaning the affected spots may be the second step towards effective applied structural drying and then, they may apply fungicide, biocide, or moldicide solutions as required.

If your house has been damaged by an air conditioner water leak, humidity or moisture, a quick and safest choice would be to call a reputable mold removal remediation company for applied structural drying to save money and avoid serious San Diego water damage.

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