Green Chemicals in Mold Remediation Vital for Health and Safety in the Environment

San Diego Mold Remediation Green Chemicals Vital for Health and Safety in the Environment

Health and safety concerning green antimicrobial products used in San Diego flood and mold remediation companies should be of top priority in homes where pets, children and the elderly live.

Antimicrobials play an important and ongoing role in public health and safety. To ensure theseproducts continue to be effective against pathogens after registration, the EPA created the Antimicrobial Testing Program (ATP). Under this program, the EPA collects and tests samples from manufacturers, stores and distributors.

The efficacy test methods provide a rigorous challenge to the product, as the level of bacteria used in the test(s) is at least 1,000 times greater than the contamination level typically found on surfaces in health care facilities. The EPA adopted this high standard to ensure that products will be effective even when extremely high pathogen levels are present.

When an antimicrobial product is on this list, it simply means that it is currently under review by the EPA and does not mean there is a problem with the product. Over the years, an environmentally green product called Benefect Botanical Disinfectant has been reviewed many times under this program.

Benefect Botanical Disinfection Technology

Have you ever worried about the antimicrobial products that you use? Sure they do the job but are they toxic? Are they suitable for use around children, pets, the chemically-sensitive or the elderly? Are they environmentally responsible & sustainable?

Benefect Botanical Disinfectant technology is the answer to these questions.

The active ingredient is the highly specialized yet all natural Thyme Oil. In nature, plants produce germ-killing ‘essential oils’ to protect themselves from invading microbes, similar to how our bodies produce antibodies for our protection. Benefect is a revolutionary blend of these antimicrobial extracts, particularly from the herb Thyme, and achieves remarkable efficacy without using any traditional synthetic chemicals.

To put it simply, Benefect is a ‘plant immune system’ in a bottle.

Over 5,000 years of history shows that microbes do not build up a tolerance or resistance to the antimicrobial action of essential oils. The concentrations of essential oils required to kill microbes have not changed during this entire period. On the other hand, current germ killing practices have lead to highly resistant organisms, which require stronger, more toxic chemicals and increasingly complicated disinfecting procedures…in just 60 years.

Benefect’s groundbreaking botanical technology is proven to kill over 99.99% of bacteria and surpasses the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s efficacy requirements for broad spectrum hospital disinfectants.

We have all seen the recent media coverage on ‘superbugs’ or germs that are now resistant to our strongest antibiotics. If this trend continues and if the way we control germs isn’t improved, infections that were once considered minor may become fatal. The time for change is now. Using environmentally green mold remediation cleaning chemicals such as Benefect is the sensible alternative.

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