It’s Not That We Don’t Want The Business…


…but if we can help you prevent water damage or mold, that’s fine with us. Below are some tips we’d like to recommend that might prevent water damage as well as help you prepare should water damage ever occur.


Make sure you know where to turn off your gas, electricity and water –  and mark the valve or switch with a sticker to help you remember.

Shut off the main water supply if you will be away from your home for several days or longer.

Check out all water lines including – supply lines to sinks, washing machines, icemakers and dishwasher. Look for kinks, deterioration or leaking connections.

Don’t forget your Hot Water Heaters – most last approximately 10 years. Wet spots or rust may signal a problem.

Keep Watch! Soft spots, discolorations and mildew odors in your flooring, walls and ceilings are an indication of deterioration due to moisture. Start looking for a water leak. Should you find a water leak in your home or business, please call one of our plumbing friends.

And should water damage occur, be prepared!


Make sure you have adequate insurance. Check that your policy covers damage to garages, sheds and outbuildings if you need it, as well as storm or water damage to gates, fences, hedges and garden plants.

Make a San Diego Water Damage Kit – include useful numbers you may need, important personal documents, a flashlight, rubber gloves, waterproof clothing, drinking water, a first aid kit and blankets.

Don’t Forget Your Children’s Essentials: for example, milk, baby food, sterilized bottles and spoons, diapers and wipes, spare clothing, comforter, favorite toy or best teddy.

Floodwater can contaminate foodstuffs and chemicals so keep all hazardous materials (paint, automotive oil, insecticide, etc.) high up in your garage/shed.

Sentimental items can’t be replaced – keep them high enough that if flooding does occur, they won’t be water damaged.