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Be Prepared for a Flood as Winter Storms Come Rolling in to San Diego

Do you know what to do should you encounter a leaky roof, busted pipe or winter flood damage ?



San Diego Water Damage and Mold FeatureGold Coast, the flood & mold specialists, were recently featured on the home improvement segment of To Fix It Tuesdays.

Click HERE to watch Joe Colombo’s interview on Channel 10 News with Phoebe Chongchua.


Customer Satisfaction Award Recipient Gold Coast

Flood Restorations in Santee, CA

The Talk of the Town awards program was created more than five years ago to showcase businesses ranked by consumers as the best in their respective fields. Each year we have helped businesses grow their reputations by awarding those that have…..(Click Here To Read)


Santee Water Damage Co Wins 5th Award in Customer

Satisfaction Talk of the Town

For the fifth year in a row, the business community of Santee, California celebrates one of their own, Gold Coast Flood Restorations, which has been awarded the 2013 “Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award”…..(Click Here To Read)

Expert Warns of Roof Leak Water Damage Health Risks –

San Diego Gold Coast Flood Restorations

Water damage from roof leaks in San Diego homes and buildings is the major cause of a multitude of health risks that may lead to diseases, such as asthma, respiratory  infections, bronchitis, eczema and others, says leading local water damage remediation expert and head…..(Click Here To Read)


Water Heater Water Damage Remediation in Santee –

Health Risks Addressed by Gold Coast Flood

Water heaters installed in Santee homes must be properly maintained; otherwise in time they will rust from the inside out. This rust damage causes water heater leaks that lead to serious water damage inside the home. The following is one such cause that the San Diego water damage specialist points to that…..(Click Here To Read)

El Cajon Water Damage Expert Warns of Health Risks

Associated with Mold Left Unattended

Symptoms or illnesses in people and pets with mold infestation from water damage in a home include nosebleeds, chronic fatigue, diarrhea, sore throats headaches and other flu-like symptoms, even hair loss, says Joe Colombo, head of Gold Coast Flood Restorations. Other symptoms that have been associated with mold are burning…..(Click Here To Read)


Gold Coast Flood Celebrates 25 Years of Business

The 25th anniversary milestone calls for a major celebration. And that’s exactly what, number-one ranked San Diego water damage restoration and mold remediation company, Gold Coast Flood & Mold will be doing in January 2013…..(Click Here To Read)

Gold Coast Earns Angie’s List Super Service Award AGAIN!

Gold Coast Flood Restoration has earned the service industry-coveted 2012 Angie’s List Super Service Award, an honor awarded annually to approximately 5 percent of all the companies…..(Click Here To Read)

San Diego Water Damage Service Offers 24 Hour Emergency

Flood Service

Many people may not realize the importance of having a San Diego water damage specialist on hand until after an emergency occurs, and for this reason, Gold Coast Flood & Mold Specialists offer 24 hour emergency service. The repercussions of a flood can include a lot of…..(Click Here To Read)

Severe Water Damage Fix in San Diego: Gold Coast Flood


San Diego water damage or flood damage can lead to a range of dangerous issues, from excessive humidity levels to structural damage to mold growth. Find out how a professional San Diego flood restoration specialist can…..(Click Here To Read)


Expert Warns: No Home is Safe from Water Damage in San


In the San Diego area, no home, business or office building is completely safe from unexpected water damage. Any property, regardless of where it is located, can fall victim to…..(Click Here To Read)

Flood Damage Tips from Gold Coast Flood San Diego

Water Damage Restoration & Mold Remediation

Even though flooding is one of the many natural disasters that no one has full control over, the Gold Coast Flood Restoration specialists says there’s much that can be done to mitigate costly damages. One of the first steps in that mitigation process is…..(Click Here To Read)


Gold Coast Flood Restorations San Diego Water Damage

Prevention Tips

Even though those houses that are located in known flood areas are more likely to be affected more severely, Joe underscores those that aren’t can easily be affected when there are leaks or dampness. Leaks are not always apparent after…..(Click Here To Read)

San Diego Mold Abatement Specialist Says Check for Harmful

Mold & Mildew Infestation in the Home

Joe Colombo, a certified mold and mildew remediation specialist in San Diego, CA. and the owner of Gold Coast Flood Restorations has called upon Californians to start taking remedial steps to protect their health against…..(Click Here To Read)

Health and Safety Top Concern in San Diego Water Damage Situations

Health and safety concerning green antimicrobial products used in San Diego water damage, flood and mold removal remediation companies should be of top priority in homes where pets, children and…..(Click Here To Read)

Water Damage Company Touts Good Christian Values in


The company one keeps will generally show the level of trust and integrity one has. As more people trust a person then their network of quality friends and affiliations grows. The business network of…..(Click Here To Read)

VID Names Gold Coast Flood Preferred Vendor for Water


San Diego water damage company Gold Coast Flood Restoration was recently called in by Vista Irrigation District (VID) to perform water extraction for a Vista city neighborhood on a massive scale. Gold Coast Flood performed beyond VID expectations…..(Click Here To Read)


Green Chemicals Vital for San Diego Mold Remediation says

Gold Coast Flood Restorations

We have all seen the recent media coverage on ‘superbugs’ or germs that are now resistant to our strongest antibiotics. If this trend continues and if the way we control germs isn’t improved, infections that were once considered minor may become fatal. Consumers are being made aware of the…..(Click Here To Read)


Flood Restoration Nightmare for Doctor Averted by Gold Coast

This might not have become an extensive problem if caught immediately. However in this case, the home owner was out of town for eight weeks. He left right after the installation had been done and was unaware of the water leak…..(Click Here To Read)


Gold Coast Flood & Mold Specialists Go Bronze

Gold Coast Flood continues to stand out among peers and clients as the company to trust by becoming a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Bronze Sponsor…..(Click Here To Read)


Mold Abatement Expert Warns of Mold Remediation Dangers

to Health

With all the “how to” guidelines on mold remediation removal that can be found online these days, it is easy to think that you can manage the problem of mold abatement on your own…..(Click Here To Read)


Gold Coast Flood Restorations Issues PSA on Dangerous Mold

Molds are certainly dangerous and poisonous due to the fact that they contain toxins that are bio hazardous to people and animals…..(Click Here To Read)


San Diego Water Damage Interview with Gold Coast Flood

Restorations Owner Joe Colombo

Has your home suffered from water damage whether by a flood or a broken water pipe; or even a hose? Quick response can minimize the damage…..(Click Here To Read)


Grace Under Pressure: Strange San Diego Water Damage

Stories from Gold Coast Flood Restorations

San Diego Gold Coast Flood Restorations maintains an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and for good reason, all their happy customers! Gold Coast Flood goes above and beyond for their customers. Sometimes even under strange circumstances…..(Click Here To Read)


Beware Air Conditioner Water Damage in Summer Months

| Applied Structural Drying Benefits

A leaking air conditioner is due mostly to the way an air conditioner removes the humidity from the air inside your house. Air goes through your furnace into the air conditioner on its way through the evaporator coils. The coils look very much like a cars radiator. With the air cooling the humidity from inside the house…..(Click Here To Read)