I have visible mold

Q. I have visible mold in my house. Can you tell me if it is dangerous and how much it will cost to remove?


A.The ONLY way to correctly identify mold species is to submit either a surface tape-lift sample or an air sample to a certified laboratory for scientific analysis. While our technicians are specialists and certified in mold remediation/eradication, the samples themselves must be taken by a certified laboratory. Our mold inspections focus on identifying the severity of a mold problem and the measures required for remediation – not in identifying the type of mold or whether it is toxic. It has been our experience that the same types of mold always present themselves once water damage occurs. These types of mold are known for the health risks that they pose. The procedures for mold remediation are the same for all know species of mold.

 Unfortunately, we cannot give mold remediation estimates over the phone, as there is no way to accurately identify the scope of work involved without seeing it in person and performing a thorough on-site investigation. Please contact our office TODAY at 888-373-9243 to schedule an inspection.



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