Staying Open During Water Damage Repair

Business Roof Leaks: How to Stay Open During San Diego Water Damage Repair

Roof leaks are serious business, especially when the roof leak disrupts your business!
Most times in San Diego, water damage from a flood or a roof leak will disrupt business
to the point of business closure. There is a way to avoid closing a business due to a roof
leak or flood water damage and stay open during the flood restoration process. The
process is called “Applied Structural Drying”.

What is Applied Structure Drying?

Applied Structure Drying is the quickest and most thorough way to dry a structure
through non-destructive methods.

In applied structural drying, the excess water must first be thoroughly removed from
all the flooring, then the structure drying begins. A properly planned building dry-out
and dehumidification provides cost reduction, decreases the drying time and reduces the
potential of mold growth. The results are simple: the building occupants return to their
normal daily routine sooner, or may even remain open.

1) The first step is to maximize the removal of water from carpet and padding by using a
high powered water extraction machine that will remove the water out of the carpet and
pad without removing, disturbing or lifting the carpet and padding.

2) The second step is to set up turbo drying fans in such a configuration that creates a
vortex of air flow that draws the moisture out of the flooring and structure venting it to
the atmosphere.

3) The third step is deployment of dehumidification equipment. The best process uses
high efficiency LGR and desiccant dehumidifiers to remove the excess remaining
moisture from the air.

4) Step four is daily monitoring, charting and adjusting of equipment during the drying
process to reduce the drying time. This takes the guess work out of drying every
structure. Psychrometry is the study of atmospheric air and its associated water vapor.
Regular monitoring and any needed corresponding adjustments of the drying equipment
are always required for maximum effectiveness.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Applied Drying Process?

* Quicker drying time – most cases in 3 days.
* Quicker claim closure time due to less reconstruction requirements.
* Property occupants quickly returning to regular routine.
* Lower claim costs
* Non-destructive drying processes
* No carpet or pad replacement. (In most cases)

* Mold prevention process

Where you find an Applied Structure Drying service for roof leaks and flood restorations:
Look for a local San Diego water damage repair company that is certified in Applied
Structure Drying and Dehumidification or contact the author of this article for more

For more information, contact your San Diego certified Applied Structural Drying specialists 24 hours a day at 888-373-9243 or email us at [email protected] . Gold Coast Flood Restorations, is your southern California flood restoration & water damage company dedicated to helping businesses stay open during roof leaks and flood damage repairs. Read more about San Diego Gold Coast Flood Restorations & Mold Remediation in the news by clicking HERE